Scorpions! Fish! Scorpionfish!

Scorpions! Fish! Scorpionfish!

As we were diving – we met another inhabitant of the kelp forest, the California Scorpionfish. These menacing looking fish are not easy to spot because of their amazing camouflage ability.








Date: 1/11

Location: kelp forest

California Scorpionfish

  • Scorpionfish do not stay in the one territory and often travel around.
  • They are a deep red or brown.
  • They are also called the spotted scorpionfish.
  • California scorpionfish have no swim bladder.


  • Their venom effects heart rates and blood pressure.










We had a great time spotting these neat and dangerous fish! They may not be the cutest, but they sure are cool!

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One thought on “Scorpions! Fish! Scorpionfish!

  1. Dangrdafne

    Their venom affects humans? Or just their prey, which I
    Hope is not humans. Creepy animal and I’m a Scorpio. LOL

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