Bird of the Sea!

Bird of the Sea!

We spent the day on the cliffs bird watching. So many sea birds to love and learn about. We were especially thrilled to spot some black and white birds, reminiscent of penguins in appearance, but better fliers!








Date: 1/12

Location: kelp forest coastline

Common Murre Fun Facts:

  • Common murres are not very agile flyers, but are amazing at diving.
  • Common murres use their wings to propel them deep in the water to catch fish.
  • They have been recorded diving at depths of 590 ft.
  • They are related to gulls and terns.


  • Common murre eggs are pointed on one end. They are also different colors.
  • It is thought the eggs are different colors to help the breeding pairs tell them apart.
  • After mating season, both females and males molt. During the molting season they can not fly.








We had a great time watching these birds dive and hang out on the rocks. It was a great way to end the week!

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One thought on “Bird of the Sea!

  1. Dangrdafne

    Never heard of Murres. They do look like penguins 🐧

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