Bat of the sea!

Bat of the Sea!

We’re spent the day looking for little sea stars that look a little funny- bat stars! We were lucky and found some!









Date: 1/16

Location: kelp forest

Bat Star Fun Facts:

  • Bat stars come in a variety of colors.
  • Some bat stars have more than 5 arms.


  • Bat stars have gill like stars on their back.
  • Bat stars are scavengers. They eat prey and algae from the sea floor.
  • They have annelid worms that live in the groves of one arm eating bits of food leftover from the bat star.
  • Bat stars do not have endoskeleton or exoskeleton. They are covered in hard plates that are connected and embedded in the tissues of the bat star.




We had fun searching tide pools for bat stars. These little echinoderms live all around the kelp forest and along the coast line. Sea stars are so cool.


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One thought on “Bat of the sea!

  1. Dangrdafne

    So Bat Stars are a variation of sea stars? Never heard the term Bat Star.

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