Welcome to the Serengeti

Welcome to the Serengeti


Whew! After heading back to HQs at the University, we unloaded all our ocean adventurer stuff and began packing for a three weeks in the Serengeti. We need rain gear as the wet season is just beginning and warm weather gear for the days and sweaters for the cool nights. Many think these dry plains are always hot, but it can get quiet cold at night. We packed our trunks – the box ones- not Ellie’s and we head all the way Africa!

We arrived at camp- it is lovely. We have a nice tent/cabin and great rangers to help us find the animals we are looking for this trip! We learned more about this magical place. The Serengeti is home to many species, including Ellie’s wild cousins- the African Elephant! There are many more fun facts about the Serengeti! Let’s learn more before we meet our first official animal tomorrow!


  • The Serengeti is not just flat savannas. It has hills, mountains, volcanic craters and forests.
  • The Serengeti National Park sits in Tanzania and Kenya. The park was originally established in the 1920s.
  • The Maasai tribe of people are probably one of the areas most famous group of people! They are known for their cattle.
  • There is one active volcano in the Serengeti- Ol Doinyo Lengai.
  • Many people know of the annual migration of wildebeest, zebras and antelopes. There are over a million animals that travel miles and miles to get to areas where fresh are.
  • Many animals call the Serengeti home, including antelope, buffalo, leopard, elephants, baboons, giraffes, wild dogs and many many more.
  • Some of the oldest human ancestors were found here- including Lucy, one of the most famous fossils ever found.


We’re super excited to meet the animals of the amazing habitat! We’ll see you tomorrow to meet an amazing predator!


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One thought on “Welcome to the Serengeti

  1. Dangrdafne

    Wouldn’t the zebra be a relative of Edmond’s? Can’t wait to see what we learn in the Serengeti 🙂

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