Spots! Spots Everywhere!

Spots! Spots Everywhere!

After spending our first night and day adjusting, we stayed up in to the wee hours of the night to go exploring for some spotted hyenas! These social mammals are mostly nocturnal, so it was best to try and spot them at night. One of our guides is even teaching us and Professor Rita, Swahili! She’ll be sharing some of the vocabulary with you each day!








Date: 2/2

Location: Serengeti plain

Spotted Hyena Fun Facts

  • Spotted hyenas are the largest species of hyena.
  • They live in large clans that are led by the dominant females. The females are larger then the males.
  • Their have very complex social structures that look more like that of primates then of any other carnivore.
  • Hyenas are intelligent and resourceful predators and scavengers.


  • They can digest every part of prey- including skin and bone!
  • Hyena have stout forelimbs and shoulders. They can run for long distances without getting tired.
  • Their large strong heads can produce a bite more than 40% stronger than that of a leopard.
  • Hyenas are very vocal and use a rang of sounds, including the famous “laughing” sound. That “laugh” is a signal of agitation or aggression.








These marvelous animals can out hunt lions and chase them away from a kill. They are one of the most successful predators in the Serengeti. They have earned a bad reputation over years- one that is not deserved. These intelligent amazing animals have much to teach us. Remember, even the predators of the plains deserve our love and respect (from a distance of course :)!


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One thought on “Spots! Spots Everywhere!

  1. dangrdafne

    “They can digest every part of prey- including skin and bone!” What?? That’s crazy. I did not know that about hyenas. They are very interesting animals.

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