Hello Antelope!

Hello Antelope!

So nice to start off the week off enjoying the herds of animals on the plains! We took particular interest in the common eland. These large antelopes are graceful!








Date: 2/13

Location: Serengeti

Common Eland Fun Facts:

  • The common eland is the second largest antelope in the world. The giant eland is the biggest.
  • Eland is Dutch for Elk.


  • A male’s horns are thicker and shorter. They use their horns to compete for females during mating season.
  • Females use their horns for defense.
  • While they are not the fastest antelope, they can run long distances at slower speeds. They can also jump up to 8 ft.
  • Common elands are crepuscular.
  • They make a clicking sound when walking or running. This is unusual for antelopes.









We loved watching these large and graceful animals. Often when you think of antelopes, you think of Thompson Gazelles. But these gentle giants and their tapping toes are super neat!

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One thought on “Hello Antelope!

  1. dangrdafne

    “They can also jump up to 8 ft.” WOW! That is really high. Impressive.

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