Civet Civet

Civet Civet!

We spent the last nights of our adventure here in Madagascar looking for some really neat nocturnal animals! (And for those who asked- we are working on a glossary.)  We found the first of our discoveries on the forest floor looking for eats. This strange animal is so cool! We could hardly contain our excitement when we spotted it!

malagasy civet








Date: 3/29

Location: Madagascar forest

Malagasy Civet Fun Facts:

  • Malagasy civets are shy animals.
  • They can be territorial. They scent mark their territories.
  • Malagasy civets are very vocal. They make a series of noises including grunts.
  • They spend their days asleep in trees and crevices.


  • They are related to mongooses and fossa.
  • Malagasy civets are the second largest natural predator on Madagascar- the fossa is the largest.

malagasy civet2

We love these unusual little animals. They remind of us a raccoon and a fox put together! What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Civet Civet

  1. dangrdafne

    I think they are adorable!

    I love the glossary idea 😉

  2. Is it true that they eat coffee beans, then after they’re *expelled*, used for expensive coffee?

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