Tiny Marsupial

Tiny Marsupial

Well it doesn’t get much cuter than today’s animal! These tiny marsupials look like rodents, but they are not!

sandhill dunnart2







Date : 4/5

Location: Great Victorian Desert

Sandhill Dunnart Fun Facts:

  • They are one of the largest members of the Dunnart family.
  • Sandhill dunnart have stiff black hairs on the underside of the tail.
  • These little marsupials are carnivores!
  • Their tails are longer then their bodies.


  • They live in burrows under the spinifex hummocks shrubs.
  • Sandhill dunnarts store fat in their tails.

sandhill dunnart

These little marsupials are threatened unfortunately. There are efforts in Australian zoos to increase their numbers! Woohoo!

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One thought on “Tiny Marsupial

  1. dangrdafne

    “They are one of the largest members of the Dunnart family.” Can you even see the smallest then??? On my

    Carnivores??!! What would their diet be then… zebra? This is extremely interesting.
    I need more info.

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