Holy Marsupial Moley!

Holy Marsupial Moley!

We’re back from spring break! Woohoo! We headed back to our camp at the edge of the desert and went exploring in the evening! We didn’t spot our animal today, but we did spot it’s track moving under the sand! The Southern Marsupial Mole is one neat and crazy animal!










Date: 4/17

Location: Great Victorian Desert

Southern Marsupial Mole:

  • Southern Marsupial moles have hard horny covering over their noses.
  • They have large claws for digging.
  • Its neck bones are fused together to protect it. 
  • They do not have working eyes, as they spend most of their time underground in the dark.
  • Southern Marsupial Moles are not related to other moles.
  • They do not dig permanent tunnels- just travel right under the sand surface. It is similar to “swimming” in sand.
  • Its silky fur keeps sand off of it. 


We had fun watching these little mysterious creatures under the sand. Can you imagine not having eyes because you live in darkness and they are not really useful?

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One thought on “Holy Marsupial Moley!

  1. dangrdafne

    A little creepy to me. Funny, my mom and I were just talking about moles and voles this weekend.

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