King Bird in Paradise

King Bird in Paradise

We decided to do some bird watching while we were on land. There are so many amazing birds here and it was hard to pick a favorite. But we did love the Paradise Kingfisher with it’s long tail and bright blue colors.








Date: 5/11

Location: Raja Ampat Islands

Paradise Kingfisher Fun Facts:

  • A pair of kingfishers in highly territorial.
  • They make their nests out of termite mounds on trees. IMG_4047
  • Paradise kingfishers do not migrate.
  • Both parents care for the chicks.


These adorable birds are just one of the island inhabitants we enjoyed meeting! We head back to the boat and the coral reef next week to meet more ocean dwellers!

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One thought on “King Bird in Paradise

  1. dangrdafne

    Is this where the plant Bird of Paradise gets its name? Beautiful bird.

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