Hello Crayfish!

Hello Crayfish!

It’s almost the end of cave week here at Camp E&E! We met one really cute little critter in the caves on our way out.

cave crawfish

Southern Cave Crayfish Fun Facts:

  • These little crayfish spend their entire lives in caves.
  • Cave crayfish lack sight! They use touch and smell to get around.
  • Most cave crayfish are translucent.
  • Females are larger than men.
  • They are one of the largest animals in the cave ecosystem. Due to a lack of food, animals evolve to be smaller in these dark habitats.
  • The cave ecosystem can be low in oxygen.
  • Southern cave crayfish can live up to 15-20 years.
  • They eat insects and blind cave fish!

These crazy crayfish are so cool! They are slow to grow and live  long life due to the lack of resources in the cave system. These caves are not for the weak!

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One thought on “Hello Crayfish!

  1. Dangrdafne

    It’s amazing how many animals can live in the dark. Almost doesn’t seem possible. Glad you showed us what is possible.

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