Meeting a SeaEdmond

Meeting a SeaEdmond


Our week of diving is continuing at camp and we are meeting a seahorse- or a SeaEdmond as we like to call them! Everyone ready? Grab those flippers and let’s goooooo!

Lined Seahorse Fun Facts:

  • These tiny crustacean eaters are fish!
  • Lined seahorses camouflage in with their surroundings and ambush their prey.
  • Their eyes can rotate around and move independently of each other.
  • Males are larger and have longer tails than females.
  • They mate for life.
  • Like other seahorses, the males incubate the eggs in a pouch. They give birth to the baby seahorses. They are about the size of a flat thumbtack.
  • These little guys are not strong swimmers and attach to sea grass or other substrate to protect themselves.

lined seahorse2

lined seahorse

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One thought on “Meeting a SeaEdmond

  1. dangrdafne

    “ambush their prey” that sounds evil when they look so NOT evil. I love SeaEdmonds but not as much as I love Edmond 🙂

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