Last Day of Camp

Last Day of Camp


Well pals it is the last day of Camp Ellie & Edmond. It’s always sad to say goodbye to summer and our pals. We will be taking the next three weeks off to move our site and work on a few improvements!

Then we’ll be back for a whole new year at the University of Ellie & Edmond! We will be getting back to basics for a month and then a we have an exciting year.

We are introducing Where Will The Next E&E Adventure Be? Each month we will be going to a new place. On the first day you will get a chance to guess where we are and there will be a prize for the person who guesses it correctly first! We know we are excited for all that is coming!

Let’s end this amazing summer with the Camp E&E song:

On the shores of Lake Salamander, among the old live oak…

We enjoy Camp Ellie and Edmond and the frogs that croak.

We salute you Camp E & E and all your animal friends…

All our days are each a gem.

While we sit next to the campfire, telling stories of old…

We laugh and sing and watch the stars of gold.

We love you Camp E &E and all our memories of our days…

We hold Camp E & E close to our hearts and we’ll never stray!


We will see all our campers during the school year!


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One thought on “Last Day of Camp

  1. dangrdafne

    I can’t believe it is August and camp is over already. Didn’t we just pack for it! Can’t wait to see what is in store for E & E!!!!

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