Where will the next E&E adventure be?

Where will the next E&E adventure be?

We are heading off for our next adventure and it’s time to guess where it will be? Tell us here or on our social media and the first correct guess will win an E&E prize.

We are heading to a tropical place!

It has rainforests, volcanoes and beaches at the base!

The coasts meet the Carribbean and the Pacific.

They say it is quiet terrific.

Hummingbirds are all around.

Insects, spiders and butterflies abound.

A quarter of the country is protected.

All those things are connected.

Can you guess where we are? Come on and try! Let’s get this next adventure started!

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4 thoughts on “Where will the next E&E adventure be?

  1. Pinkmoosely

    Costa Rica???

  2. Pinkmoosely

    Costa Rica???

  3. dangrdafne

    Ooops very late to this one.

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