Hello Shrew

Hello Shrew

We are off to the southern part of the country for a day trip to locate one small mammal. They are named after elephants, but we can assure you they are not elephants. Grab your gear and let’s head off on today’s adventure to meet the cape elephant shrew.

cape elephant shrew

Cape Elephant Shrew Fun Facts:

  • Shrews are distantly related to moles. They are not rodents.
  • They are also called the Cape Elephant Sengi.
  • The cape elephant shrew weighs around 50 grams.
  • These insectivores eats insects of all kinds.
  • They get their names from their long noses like look like and elephant’s trunk.
  • Their scientific name includes the word- Elephantulus.
  • They prefer dry, rocky and arid habitats.
  • They are listed as LEAST CONCERN by the IUCN.


What a joy it was to spot this tiny little animal. It’s not easy and it took some patience waiting in an area where they are known to hunt for insects. Sometime we forget that habitats all around the world have some amazing little animals. These forgotten creatures are important too.

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2 thoughts on “Hello Shrew

  1. How sweet they are and good that they eat all insects

  2. dangrdafne

    Soooo cute.

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