Meet Ellie’s Cousin

Meet Ellie’s Cousin

We are going to meet a small, rodent look a-like today. But, guess what? It’s not a rodent, it’s one of Ellie’s closest living relatives! Are you ready to go on today’s adventure?


Cape Rock Hyrax Fun Facts: 

  • Cape Hyrax can grow up to 12 inches and weigh up to 13 pounds.
  • Their teeth, toes and skull are structured like elephants.
  • These little herbivores even have two elongated teeth like the tusks of an elephant.
  • They live in family groups of 20-80 individuals.
  • Hyrax have little glands on their backs they use to mark their territory.
  • They do have elongated noses too. Males have longer noses than females.
  • Hyrax have little suction cup like pads on their feet to help climb.
  • These little prey animals can spot a predators over 900 feet away.
  • They are listed as Least Concern by the IUCN>


These funny little critters of course is one of our favorites! We bet you would have never guessed they shared an ancestor with elephants.

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One thought on “Meet Ellie’s Cousin

  1. dangrdafne

    I have never heard of this animal before. I love this: “Hyrax have little suction cup like pads on their feet to help climb.” How incredible is that??

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