Armored Lizard

Armored Lizard

We decided we haven’t met enough lizards on our trip so far and headed out to meet one with some most interesting scales. This reptile was a definite look don’t touch kind of creature. Get ready to learn more about them.


Giant Girdled Lizard Fun Facts: 

  • They are also known as the sungazer lizard.
  • Giant girdled lizards grow to about 7 inches long.
  • Though they live in rocky areas, they do dig their own burrows for shelter.
  • They are insectivores.
  • They live in groups.
  • They secret scents to communicate with other sungazers.
  • Giant girdled lizards are listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN.


We enjoyed spotting this little spiked lizard. It would be a smart predator to stay away from those scales.

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2 thoughts on “Armored Lizard

  1. Fantastic!

  2. dangrdafne

    I am ok with less lizards 😉
    Although this one is pretty cool looking.

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