We are off to meet a bird who calls this country home- the greater flamingo! These iconic birds are one of our favorites too! Let’s learn more about them together.

Greater Flamingo

Greater Flamingo Fun Facts: 

  • These large birds can grow up to 59 inches tall and weigh up to almost 9 pounds. They are the largest member of the flamingo family.
  • Males are larger than females.
  • Greater flamingos are a soft whitish pink. They do have bright pink and black feathers on the back of their bodies.
  • Young flamingos are grey and turn pink after a few years. That pink coloration is caused by the food they eat.
  • During breeding season they turn brighter pink!
  • These carnivores eat small crustaceans, insects and fish.
  • They are highly social.

Greater Flamingo, Phoenicopterus roseus at Marievale Nature Rese

Flamigos always make us smile. Did you know that knobby joint they bend is actually their ankle? Their knees are closer to their bodies! Neat!

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One thought on “Flamingo!

  1. dangrdafne

    Pretty in pink. I love Flamingoes.

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