Large Lynx

Large Lynx

We met a neat cat today here in Norway! There are lynx in America, but the ones that call Europe home are the biggest members of the lynx family. Come learn more about them with us.


Eurasian Lynx Fun Facts:

  • These cats can grow up to 51 inches long and weigh up to 66 pounds.
  • These carnivores eat mammals, including small mammals and larger prey like reindeer.
  • Their back legs are slight longer than the front ones.
  • They are crepuscular- active at dusk and dawn.
  • Males occupy a large territory. There are several females living within that territory. That are usually solitary.
  • They have dense fur to keep them warm in the winter months. Longer fur grows on their paws to help them walk in snow.
  • Eurasian lynx are listed as Least Concern by the IUCN.


These cats are quiet the predators. They can take down prey much bigger themselves. We love their ear tufts and big paws!

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One thought on “Large Lynx

  1. dangrdafne

    I want to hug this Lynx. I wonder if they are soft or coarse. I did not know there were Lynx in Norway.

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