Pelican Pelican!

Pelican Pelican!

While bird watching on the beach, we spotted some pelicans. This large billed birds were not the brown pelicans we are use to seeing, but the American White Pelican. They were so fun to watch and we couldn’t wait to learn more about them.


American White Pelican Fun Facts:

  • White pelicans live near marshes and lakes.
  • These large birds can grow up to 70 inches long and weigh up to 14 lbs. Those famous bills can be 15 inches long.
  • Their wingspan is only 2nd to the California Condor.  Those wings can be 120 long when in flight! That is longer than a queen sized mattress, which measures 80 inches!
  • Males are larger than females.
  • These carnivores eat not only fish, but also bottom dwellers like salamanders and crayfish.
  • They are usually found in large flocks.
  • White pelicans do not dive for their food, but instead scoop it out of the water and drain the water out of their bills.
  • These big birds eat around 4 lbs of food a day!



We love pelicans! They are so funny and kind of derpy, but graceful too! It was fun to watch some swimming and catching their food that way instead of diving.


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