Meet a Hog?

Meet a Hog?

We’re back on the Camp E&E boat today to meet some other fish! We may even done our snorkeling gear tomorrow! Today we’re saying hello to a species that is named after another farm animal- but this time they are named after a hog!


Meet the Hogfish



  • Hogfish have long snouts that they use to root around the ocean floor looking for prey.
  • They often make a grunting noise when looking for food too. This is where they get their famous name- the hogfish.
  • These carnivores are big fans of crustaceans.
  • Hogfish are Sequential hermaphrodites. That means they change their sex during their lifetime. All hogfish start off as female and change to male as they mature.
  • Males have a large black spot on their behind their pectoral fin and are a bright orange or red. Females are grey or brown.
  • They are members of the wrasse family, but are closely related to parrotfish.
  • These popular recreational fish are listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN. The number of individuals that are fished is controlled to avoid overfishing.


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