Hello Sea Snail

Hello Sea Snails

After our boat ride – we met a little creature buried in the sand right at the waves line of the beach. It’s amazing what you’ll find when you are looking.  These snails have great shells and again have cow in their name! Do we see a theme here at camp so far? Hehehehe!

Meet the Atlantic Deer Cowrie



  • These cowries are one of the largest species of cowries and grow up to 7 1/2 inches.
  • These herbivores eat algae.
  • Cowries constantly clean their shells keeping them shiny.
  • Keeping their shells so shiny and smooth keeps barnacles and sponges from attaching.
  • Cowries are marine gastropods, or snails.
  • They have no operculum- a trap door or covering.
  • They have few predators, but some octopus can drill through the shell!


We love looking for shells on the shore. The rule is campers may take shells that have no animals in them. We’ll be learning more about shells at camp later! What’s your favorite shell to find on the beach?




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