It’s the Gong Show!

It’s the Gong Show!

Ok, it’s not the Gong Show, it’s the Wobbegong Show! The Wobbegong Shark Show that is!                 This is one of our favorite sharks! These masters of camouflage are so cool and funny looking- they’re like Muppet sharks- hehehehe!

Wobbegong Shark


Wobbegong Fun Facts:

  • The carpet sharks are found on the ocean floor.
  • Wobbegong comes from the aboriginal word for shaggy beard.
  • These carnivores eat octopus, crustaceans and fish.
  • They are ambush predators, who lay in waiting for prey to swim by.
  • The little whiskers are sensory barbs.
  • Wobbegongs are found in the Pacific & Indian Oceans.
  • Like other carpet sharks, wobbegongs have spiracles that pass water over their gills when they are resting on the ocean floor.
  • Wobbegongs are mostly nocturnal.


When we think of sharks, we think of the great white and that typical shape. But sharks come in all shapes and sizes. We love their diversity! Do you have a favorite shark? We hope you have enjoyed shark week here at Camp E&E!

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