That’s a Big Nose

They That’s a Big Nose

We are excited to get back to regular posts today- for the next two weeks we’re featuring animals from the coloring book and then October will be all about those animals that people fear most!

Today we are meeting the Saiga antelope in depth. These crazy looking antelope have one big nose! Let’s learn more about them.


Saiga Antelope Fun Facts: 

  • They live in Asia, in Russia in grasslands and semideserts.
  • Their of fossils of saiga found from the pleistocene era.
  • That big nose helps keep out dust out.
  • Those noses can also heat and cool blood during the winter and summer.
  • Only the males have the ringed horns.
  • These critically endangered antelope live in large herds that migrate.
  • These critically endangered animals are losing habitat and they are poached for their horns.


Have you ever seen such a strange looking nose on an antelope? We sure haven’t and we know scientists and conservationists are working to protect this species for future generations to see.

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