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Greenhouse frog

Greenhouse Frog!

We headed out today away from the beach and in to the forest to find a little frog who is not native to Hawaii but was introduced from Cuba. These little amphibians are not east to find, but we were lucky and discovered a few.



Greenhouse Frog: 

  • These little frogs are only about an inch long.
  • They are carnivores. They eat ants, mites and spiders.
  • They lay their eggs in a membrane casing that the leave under logs or leaves.
  • They pass through their tadpole stage while in their eggs. When they are born they are frogs.
  • Their eyes are red.


These little frogs are so cute! But then again, aren’t they all!

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Say Hello to Our Stinky Friend

Say Hello to Our Stinky Friend


The Salamander Woods are home to another night time creature- the spotted skunk! You heard it here folks, not all skunks are striped- some are spotty! We’re going to learn more about them this evening as we roast marshmallows at the campfire!

spotted skunk

Spotted Skunk Fun Facts:

  • These skunks are not very big, only about 21 inches long with tail. They only weigh around 1 1/2 pounds!
  • They are part of the mustelid family, which include weasels, otters and badgers.
  • Spotted skunks are considered to be the most active of all the skunks.
  • They live underground or in trees.
  • These little stinkers stomp their feet before spraying a predator. They then do a handstand to get the best shot at shooting their prey with extra stinky spray.
  • They are omnivores.

spotted skunk2

We sure are glad the family of skunks here at camp are friendly. We would hate it if one of our campers was sprayed. Luckily we have a solitary tent for those who make get it! Hahahaha!

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High Flying Craft

High Flying Crafts!

We’re heading to the craft tent for the first time this summer! Woohoo! We’re making flying squirrel magnets!


  • pattern (at bottom)
  • scissors
  • magnets
  • tan felt
  • glue
  • brown marker




  • Print and cut out pattern.
  • Draw pattern on felt and cut out.


  • Put magnets and glue on one of the pieces.








  • Put together the two pieces.


  • Draw face and markings on your squirrel.

Don’t forget to hang your  squirrel! And show us your craft on Facebook, Twitter or tag us on Instagram!


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