We Go on WILD ENCOUNTER at Zoo Atlanta!!

We have WILD ENCOUNTER at Zoo Atlanta

Wowee! We were invited to Zoo Atlanta for a Wild Encounter with Slasher the Komodo dragon! That’s right folks, we went behind the scenes to meet and feed mice to a Komodo dragon! Zoo Atlanta is starting a new program on March 31st called Wild Encounters where you can go behind the scenes and meet a Komodo dragon, an elephant or a panda! How cool is that? Well let’s just show you!


First we met outside of Slasher’s habitat. Our guide Shelby gave us instructions and some great information about Komodo Dragons! (60/72)

Slasher the Komodo dragon!





Shelby our Wild Encounter guide!

Did you know that komodo dragons live in Indonesia? They live on 3 different islands including Komodo Island. They are considered vulnerable, due to habitat loss and loss of some of the prey they eat. Slasher is a big guy and we were so excited to meet him! The humans were given booties to cover their shoes and a glove to wear on the hand that would hold the tongs!

Aren't these booties attractive?

Off we went to behind the scenes of the Komodo dragon habitat, where we were greeted by a reptile keeper. He showed us a skeleton of the Komodo dragon skull and some teeth!

Komodo dragon skull! Look at those teeth!

Wow these lizards have a mouth of serrated teeth that fall out often are replaced by teeth behind them, kind of like sharks. We finally met Slasher, where he was waiting for lunch!

We were given a pair of tongs with a small mouse on the end to feed Slasher. Each person took turns giving Slasher one mouse and he chomped those down in one bite!

Slasher getting a mouse!












We also learned that komodo dragons have a special organ or third eye on their head that helps them detect light and dark! Isn’t that amazing? Soon, everyone had given Slasher a mouse and he went back into his habitat. It went by so fast, but WOW, it was such an amazing experience! We were so thrilled. We sat and watched him for a bit as he lounged around.

We're watching Slasher! Edmond was too short & had to sit on Ellie!

He probably was a bit sleepy after eating all those mice.  Normally you would have to head all the way to Indonesia to see a komodo up close and let us tell you, that is long trek! But all you have to do to enjoy a WILD ENCOUNTER at the zoo is get in the car! Want to learn more? Of course you do! Check out the zoo’s website! Trust us- you’ll be so happy you went!

We had such a great time meeting Slasher. We didn’t want our adventure to end, so we made a stop at the new Twiga Terrace.

Welcome to Twiga Terrace!

Did you know that twiga is the Swahili word for giraffe? FUN! Zoo Atlanta is opening a new feeding station for giraffes, also on March 31st.  We stopped by to see the zoo’s giraffes and give them some tasty romaine lettuce. We had a hard time not eating the lettuce ourselves. The zoo has four giraffes, Mona, Glenda, Abu and Lily (the baby)!

Hanging with the giraffes!

Glenda came on over to sniff out our lettuce and to take a nibble.


We could just watch giraffes for hours! They are so graceful and beautiful!

Aren't they gorgeous?

You can feed the giraffes too! Check out the zoo’s website for more info! After such an amazing day, this elephant and horse were tired! We headed home with great memories of a fabulous adventure!

It’s a great time of year to get out and enjoy Zoo Atlanta! Did you know that when you visit the zoo and feed giraffes and have Wild Encounters that you’re helping support the animals at the zoo and their wild relatives! COOL! Zoo Atlanta is one of our favorite places and hopefully one of yours!


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3 thoughts on “We Go on WILD ENCOUNTER at Zoo Atlanta!!

  1. The Komodo has always been my most fav lizard…..! In Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney, Australia we have a ‘life-size’ sculpture of a Komodo Dragon outside the Komodo enclosure. It is 3 metres long; you can imagine how big its head and claws are..!! I have a picture of myself sitting on it and I look soooo small compared to its gigantic body… I just love the Komodo Dragon. 😉

    • They are giant and we just love them! One of the keepers from our zoo here in Atlanta is moving to Sydney to work at the Taronga Zoo!

  2. How exciting! The Ozzy zoo was a favourite place for our family to visit once each year when we children were small; and it remains a wonderful place to visit as often as we can. It is set on the magnificent Sydney harbour overlooking the city, Opera House, Harbour Bridge and many more wonderful places. I do hope that your ‘zoo keeper’ will send lots of news and pictures ‘back home’; you will be entranced.

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