Today we’re jetting to South America to meet one large and unusual fish! These guys don’t have any top fins and they can electrocute a human! Best if we stand next to the river to catch a peek, don’t you think?

e & e river boat


electric eel   Range/Habitat: Northern South America/ rivers, streams

   Diet: Carnivore: fish, amphibians, birds

   Length/Weight: 6-8 ft/ up to 44 lbs

   Conservation Status: common



Fun Facts:

  • Electric eels are not true eels; they are actually members of the knifefish family.
  • They are one of the largest fresh water fish in South America.
  • Electric eels have one long fin on their underside. They have no top or tail fins.
  • Electric eels have poor eyesight.
  • They have specialized cells that store electricity like batteries.
  • They use electrical pulses to help them find their way around in murky rivers and streams.
  • Electric eels also use jolts of electricity to stun prey. They can produce jolts up to 600 volts at one time.

WOW! Electric eels are amazing animals. Who knew there were fish out in the world that could light things up? We just never ceased to be amazed by all the cool animal adaptations there are on earth! We do wonder if an electrical eel could light our lamp for us! Hahahaha!

electric eel2   electric eel3









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