Science Word of the Week

Science Word of the Week!

Welcome students! We’ll be holding class on Mondays from now on! Can you think of a better way to start your week? I know I can’t! Let’s get on with this week’s word!

nocturnal swow

Nocturnal: being active at night. Animals that are nocturnal are primarily active during the evening and night and sleep during the day. Animals have many reasons to be nocturnal; it helps protect them from predators, their prey may be nocturnal too and it helps them avoid the heat of the day.

nocturnal cartoon

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4 thoughts on “Science Word of the Week

  1. Another reason for being nocturnal is because you want to tweet your pals in different time zones. 😉 Or is that just me (probably). Morning now…I should go to bed.

  2. Cats are nocturnal!

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