If you guessed yesterday’s animal correct then you’ll be excited to meet them today! We had to travel all the way to the island of Komodo to find this large reptile! That is no easy task! It is a beautiful place though! Are you ready to learn about the amazing Komodo dragon?



Range/Habitat: Komodo island and other islands in Indonesia






 Diet: Carnivore: pigs, deer, buffalo

 Length/Weight:  up to 10ft / 330 lbs

 Conservation Status: vulnerable


Fun Facts:

  • Komodo dragons are the largest lizard on earth! IMG_0774
  • Their ancestors have been on earth for 100 million years.
  • Komodo dragons were not discovered by humans until 1912!
  • Komodo dragons are solitary.
  • Known for their deadly bites, a komodo dragon’s saliva is not poisonous.
  • Komodo dragons have forked tongues.
  • They can use those forked tongues to help them “smell” particles in the air up to a mile away!
  • Komodo dragons can eat up to 5 lbs in just a few minutes!


These real life dragons are amazing! Luckily, places like the San Diego Zoo are working in Komodo National Park to protect these ancient and magnificent lizards! Think you know the answer to Ellie’s trivia question? (answer down below)









-Answer is 60!

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6 thoughts on “DRAGONS ARE REAL!!

  1. Yes, but how many species of bacteria live in human saliva? I think we might have them beat!

  2. Dangrdafne

    We didn’t see anything about breathing fire. Is that not true then? 😉
    I can’t believe I guessed correctly yesterday, I know nothing about Komodo Dragons… Well I didn’t, know I do thanks to you 🙂

  3. Are the buffalo found in Indonesia smaller than the bison in North America?

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