Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day! Let’s celebrate the gregarious and precocious little critters today!


  • There are more than 200 species of squirrel in the world.
  • Squirrels live on every continent except Australia and Antarctica. Wow Australia has all those crazy animals and no squirrels!
  • Squirrels are rodents.


  • The African Pygmy Squirrel is the smallest species of squirrel. They are 5 inches long.
  • The Indian Ground Squirrel is the largest at 3 feet long!


  • There are tree squirrels, ground squirrels and flying squirrels.
  • Flying squirrels do not actually fly, but glide using a flap of skin on each side.


  • Some squirrels can run as fast as 20 mph.
  • A squirrel’s teeth grow throughout their lifetime.
  • Squirrels are omnivores. They eat bugs, eggs, nuts, seeds and fruit.


  • Squirrels that bury their food for winter, find it by rubbing their scent on it first. They use their keen noses to find it later.
  • When a squirrel forgets part of the winter cache, those seeds can turn into trees. Squirrels are responsible for the growth of many trees!
  • The average squirrel eats about a pound of food a week!







Come make a great squirrel to top your pencils or pens!

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4 thoughts on “GET SQUIRRELY!

  1. There’s a town near me, Marysville KS, that’s claim to fame are black squirrels! 😍

  2. dangrdafne

    Awww I love squirrels. I have a friend who saves and rehabs squirrels. She has some cuties that live with her.

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