We’re meeting our last frog today- Seymour the Glass Frog!  Make sure to play I Spy with us tomorrow on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter! We’ll give you a hint- it’s a frog!


  • I get my name because the skin on my belly is translucent (see through).
  • You can see a glass frog’s organs through their skin! You can even see my beating heart!
  • Like many of my other frog friends, I am nocturnal.
  • We glass frogs are arboreal and like to call humid rainforests our home. You can find me and many of my cousins in Central and South America.
  • We glass frogs have a claim to fame- one of our species looks like the famous Kermit the frog! It is a honor to represent such a celebrity in the wild!
  • We glass frogs are not very big! We range from 1 inch to 3 inches long!
  • Male glass frogs are territorial. We like our own space.
  • Our big eyes face forward and not to the side like tree frogs!

glass frogglass frog2






We sure do love glass frogs! Who knew their were species in the world who like to show off their insides? It’s their cute faces that get us the most though!

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  1. dangrdafne

    Urg, I have never heard of this frog. Not keen on the seeing inside him. Blerg
    I do love the face though. Very Kermity.

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