EARTH DAY 2016!!

EARTH DAY 2016!!


We’re celebrating Earth Day this year by having each professor share some great facts about the earth and inhabitants! Woohoo!






WOW! Professor Rita the Rat, our professor of Geography & culture sure knows her stuff! Let’s see what the head of each animal department has to share!




We can all do our part to protect the one home we all share! Take the Ellie and Edmond pledge and help us care for this great big planet! Copy, paste and print out and sign! If you show us a picture, we’ll send you a button or stickers or bookmarks- your choice!

I ________ promise to take the Ellie & Edmond Earth Day pledge and follow the principals below.

1) I will respect the earth and all of its inhabitants- even the insects.
2) I will recycle all the materials I possibly can.
3) I will use reusable bags when I shop.
4) I will turn off the water while I brush my teeth.
5) I will turn off the lights when I am not in the room or at home.
6) I will be use a reusable water bottle instead of plastic ones.
7) I will donate or recycle my old cell phones.
8) I will unplug my computer & appliances when not in use.
9) I will eat sustainable seafood. 
10) I will share my love of the earth & the animals with others.


Your signature!

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One thought on “EARTH DAY 2016!!

  1. dangrdafne

    Our family took the pledge, I was a bad Momma though and forgot to print out the certificate. Hey, we saved some tree leaves 🙂

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