We’re back- after having an internet issue out here in the Serengeti, we got our signal back. We headed off to meet some bright pink birds! Flamingos are always one of our favorites!



Date: 2/9

Location: Serengeti

Lesser Flamingo Fun Facts:

  • Lesser flamingos have black edges on their wings.
  • They have deep red bills and crimson legs.
  • Flamingos have no sense of smell.


  • Lesser flamingos are famous for their group mating dances. These can include a few bird or up to several hundred.
  • Male and females incubate the egg.
  • Lesser flamingos travel around lakes to find food.


We had fun watching these fabulous flamingos dance around and eat. We love long legged birds and flamingos fit the bill. Hehehe!


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One thought on “Pinkies!

  1. dangrdafne

    Do any birds have the ability to smell? I have never thought about it before. Flamingoes are very cool but I know very little about them.

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