Don’t Buzz Off Buzzard!

Don’t Buzz Off Buzzard!

After sleeping in after our last two night adventures, we got up and did a little bird watching! We were happy to find one of Madagascar’s raptors!

madagascar buzzard2








Date: 3/15

Location: Madagascar

Madagascar Fun Facts:

  • Madagascar buzzards are old world buzzards.


  • They call many parts of the island home, including forests, open forest and rocky hillsides.
  • Some lemurs have alarm calls for the buzzard, so some scientists think they may prey on them.
  • Madagascar buzzards have broad wings for soaring.
  • They have yellow eyes and talons.
  • Madagascar buzzards chicks are born in September and October.

madagascar buzzard

We had a lovely time watching a few of these buzzards soar in the skies. Raptors will never cease to amaze us!

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One thought on “Don’t Buzz Off Buzzard!

  1. Dangrdafne

    I thought buzzards only ate dead items, they might prey on something? Interesting

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