Give us a V for Parrot!

Give us a V for Parrot!

We wanted to meet one of the parrots of Madagascar! We were lucky enough to spot them in the trees on our afternoon trek yesterday! Let’s all get to know this bird together!

vasa parrot







Date: 3/22

Location: Madagascar

Greater Vasa Parrot Fun Facts:

  • Vasa Parrots are dark grey to black in color.
  • Their dark beaks turn bright white during breeding season.


  • Females are dominate and live with 3 to 8 males. This social set-up is highly unusual in parrots.
  • Vasa parrot eggs only incubate for 18 days. It’s the shortest incubation period for any parrot.
  • They are known to be voracious eaters.
  • Vasa parrots are vocal and intelligent.

vasa parrot2

vasa parrot3







We loved watching this interesting birds! They are not heard of much in the US or in the pet trade. We love to see parrots in the wild!

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One thought on “Give us a V for Parrot!

  1. dangrdafne

    18 days??!! It’s because they are so hungry, they have to get out 😉 lol

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