Old Bright Eyes!

Old Bright Eyes!

We spent our last day at camp this week looking for a small amphibian with big bright eyes. Good thing we have binoculars, because spotting these tiny frogs was not easy!









Date: 3/23

Location: Madagascar

Green bright-eyed frog fun facts:

  • Green bright eyed frogs have a blue ring around the outer iris.
  • They are green with little spots and can change their color to a more reddish tone.
  • Green bright eyed frogs have webbed feet.


  • During breeding season males call during the night to look for a mate.
  • Females lay their eggs in water.








We had lovely time exploring the forest for these tiny frogs. So many sightings of them and other fascinating creatures! We really love this place!


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One thought on “Old Bright Eyes!

  1. dangrdafne

    Reminds me of Kermit 🙂

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