Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue

Who’s feeling blue? Not us, but we are meeting a very blue echinoderm (sea stars, sand dollars & sea urchins)! That’s right- we’re meeting the blue sea star!









Date: 5/16

Location: Raja Ampat Islands

Blue Sea Stars Fun Facts:

  • Blue sea stars come in several different shades of blue.
  • They have short yellow tube feet.
  • Blue sea stars are slow movers.
  • Blue sea stars can regenerate body parts.
  • They are also known as the Blue Comet sea star.


There were numerous blue sea starts in the reef we were exploring! They are so gorgeous and brighten up the reef!


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One thought on “Feeling Blue

  1. dangrdafne

    I have NEVER seen a blue sea star. It is gorgeous! Wow! The aquarium should get some of these 🙂

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