Know Your Sharks

Know Your Sharks

Today we have four coloring sheets for you in our continued series- know your sharks! So head on over to the craft cabin and grab something to color with and get to know your sharks!


Pocket Sharks have two pouches or pockets, one on each side of their body in front of their fins. Scientists are unsure of their purpose.




Bamboo Sharks are mostly nocturnal and only grow up to 37 inches long. 



Zebra sharks lose their stripes as they grow. Adults are actually covered in spots!



These large sharks (up to 14 ft) often rest on the ocean floor. They pump water over their gills using spiracles to pull in water. 






























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One thought on “Know Your Sharks

  1. dangrdafne

    I love your Know Your Sharks shirt we bought for a friend. LOL

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