Teeny Tiny Bird

Teeny Tiny Bird

After our all nighter looking for frogs, we stayed up a bit longer to find a little bird before napping away the day. This little fast birdie was not easy to spot as it is one of the smallest hummingbirds around.



Scintillant Hummingbird Fun Facts: 

  • These little birds grow up to around 3 inches long. It is just a little larger than the smallest bird in the world- the bee hummingbird.
  • They have little straight black beaks.
  • Scintillant hummingbirds eat nectar.
  • Males are very territorial.
  • Females build the nests, incubate the eggs and raise the babies.


These teeny birds are so adorable. They are Ellie and Edmond sized :)!

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One thought on “Teeny Tiny Bird

  1. dangrdafne

    I would not have guessed they were your size before meeting you 😉

    I love hummingbirds.

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