Those are some peepers!

Those are some peepers!

After meeting the macaws yesterday, we ran into a small resident of the rainforest. These little amphibians are brightly colored with big red eyes. They also make you jump! Hehehe!


Red Eyed Tree Frog Fun Facts: 

  • The nocturnal species hide on the under side of leaves during the day.
  • If they are found- they flash those big red eyes and startle any predators!
  • They frog’s other bright colors- including orange feet and blue streaks protect them by confusing a predator’s eye with too much color.
  • These carnivores eat insects they find in the trees.
  • These arboreal amphibians are amazing jumpers! (Say that fast five times 🙂
  • They are not poisonous.
  • Red eyed tree frogs are listed as least concern.


We love these little frogs. They are so beautiful with their bright green eyes. That splash of blue on their legs make them the fashionistas of the rainforest. Hahaha!

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One thought on “Those are some peepers!

  1. dangrdafne

    The rainbow frog.

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