What’s a Mata Mata You?

What’s a Mata Mata You?

We’re meeting a funny looking reptile with a funny name. Are you ready to learn more about the Mata Mata turtle?


Mata Mata Fun Facts:

  • Mata mata turtles call rivers and streams in the Amazon home.
  • They rarely leave the water, except to lay eggs.
  • They are pretty sedentary.
  •  Mata Matas grow to about the size of a dinner plate- up to 20 inches.
  • Their necks are longer than their vertebrae. They can stretch them to breath while they stay on the bottom.
  • These turtles can not pull their heads into their shells, but they can turn them sideways.

These weird and wild turtles are always one of our favorites to learn more about. Would you like to “snorkel” with one?

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