Creepers Month!

Creepers Month!

It’s October tomorrow and that is the traditional month for creepy crawlers- you know the usual suspects; bats, spiders, bugs, blacks cats and snakes! We had a request to share more about that last one- so we’re meeting some snakes from around the world.

Today we’re meeting the black rat snake- a constrictor and helpful snake.


Black Rat Fun Facts: 

  • They are also known as Eastern Rat Snakes.
  • These large constrictors can grow up to 7 feet long.
  • They call suburbs, woodlands and farms home.
  • Their favorite prey are eggs, amphibians and birds.
  • Black rat snakes are excellent swimmers and climbers.
  • They can release a foul order to deter predators, including hawks.


These snakes are harmless to humans and are helpful to keep rodent populations in check. If you see one, just let them be and wave from a distance.

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