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Camp E&E Info

Camp E&E Info


Hello! We are so excited to have everyone join us this summer! We’re going to spend most of our time at Camp E&E by the sea this summer! First we want to go over some rules for all campers:

  • Be courteous & kind to all your fellow campers and animals.
  • Bring your reusable water and coffee mugs with you.
  • Leave all habitats the way you found them. Pick up all trash.
  • When packing for picnics, bring your reusable napkins, utensils and sandwich bags.
  • When visiting the beach at night, no pictures or lights are allowed. You must only use a red flashlight to not distract nesting sea turtles.
  • Campers may collect shells as long as they are empty.
  • Please do not feed wild animals.
  • Enjoy all activities and have fun!


We are so excited to meet our animal friends next week along with sharing stories, making s’mores by the campfire and making new friends! What are you most excited about?


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Lighting Up the Night

Lighting Up the Night

One of the best parts of being at camp is watching the fireflies at night while we sit around the camp fire. We’re going to learn about these amazing beetles! That’s right- fireflies are beetles!


Firefly fun facts:

  • Most fireflies have wings.
  • They on every continent except the Antarctica and the Arctic circle.
  • There are around 2,000 species of fireflies in the world.
  • Fireflies get that famous glow from a special organ under their abdomen. They take oxygen in to that organ and  it produces the glow with no heat!
  • Each species of firefly has their own pattern of flashes.
  • These lights are used to find potential mates.
  • These bioluminescent beetles can glow with yellow, red or green.
  • Scientist think that fireflies use their glow to help warn predators that they taste bad.
  • Fireflies are omnivores, eating worms as larva and nectar as adults.


We here at Camp E & E call fireflies, lightening bugs! It’s fun to gather them in a jar with holes poked in the lid to watch them glow for a bit and return them to the skies to find a mate. What do you call fireflies in your neck of the woods?

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Camp E&E 2018

Camp E&E Summer 2018



Hello and welcome to Camp E&E this summer! We have a great line-up this year with animals, camp fire stories, interviews, crafts and more!

We are spending June here at our home base next to Lake Salamander! There are so many animals to meet that call these woods home all year round . Some are small but mighty and some are scary to most people, but they all are special and they are ready to welcome us all to camp.

In July, we’ll be heading to beach camp to meet sea creatures and shore birds. By August you’ll not want to leave!

So campers- it’s time to pack your bags and get your cabin assignment. Camp E&E is kicking off summer of 2018.

Packing list:
Bug spray
Hiking shoes
Water shoes
Swimsuits or trunks
Mud SPF 50 sunscreen
Your favorite stuffed animal to sleep with
Sleeping bag
Refillable water bottles
Swim goggles
Nature journal



We’ll meet our first animal tomorrow!

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