Don’t Eat That Tomato

Don’t Eat That Tomato

We went exploring in the forest last night. We were looking for a brightly colored frog. It’s been a while since we went on the hunt for amphibians, so it was a treat to find these guys. They weren’t hard to find, since it’s still frog breeding season and these little chippers are loud!

tomato frog2







Date: 3/13

Location: Madagascar

Tomato Frog Fun Facts:

  • Tomato frogs are bright orange or red.
  • They are brightly colored to warn predators that they are toxic. They secrete a white substance that acts like a glue.
  • Tomato frogs can also inflate when threatened.
  • They are ambush predators.


  • Tomato frog tadpoles are only 6 millimeters long when born!
  • Tomato frogs can live up to 8 years.

tomato frog3

tomato frog






Tomato frogs are near threatened due to habitat loss and collection of frogs for the pet trade. While frogs make neat pets, it is best to get one from a breeder. Taking animals from the wild damages delicate ecosystems. Keep these tomatoes in the forest.







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One thought on “Don’t Eat That Tomato

  1. dangrdafne

    Further question, what is an ambush predator?
    Is there a Lettuce Frog too? 😉

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