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The Original Panda

The Original Panda

We are meeting the original panda today! That’s right- the red panda was “discovered” 50 years before the giant panda. These two pandas are not related. The red panda is related to the raccoon and giant pandas are bears. It was thought that they were related for many years as they live in similar habitats and both eat bamboo.


Red Panda Fun Facts: 

  • Red pandas can grow up to 26 inches long and weigh up to 20 pounds. Their tales can be up to 20 inches long.
  • Those tails have white rings on them.
  • These arboreal animals are mostly nocturnal.
  • Red pandas have a pseudo thumb (an elongated wrist bone) that helps them grip bamboo. These herbivores eat other things too including; eggs, fruits and nuts.
  • They are solitary animals.
  • Red pandas come together during mating season. Red panda cubs stay with their moms for about a year.
  • They are listed as Endangered by the IUCN.


We love the red panda. We know they have many fans out there too. Unfornately they are endangered due to habitat loss. You can learn more on how to protect them from the Red Panda Network. 

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DAY # 5

Today’s adventure takes us to South America to meet one gorgeous parrot. These beauties are endangered and we can’t imagine living in a world where these feathery friends aren’t around! Grab your gear, your binoculars and let’s go meet these big blue birds!

e & e rainforest


hyacinth macaw   Range/Habitat: Central South America/ rainforest

   Diet: Herbivore: nuts, fruits

   Length/Weight: 3 ¼ ft/ 3 lbs

   Conservation Status: endangered


Fun Facts:

  •          Hyacinth Macaws are the largest member of the parrot family that can fly.
  •          They have bright blue feathers.
  •          Hyacinth macaws are very social.
  •          Hyacinth macaws have long tails.
  •          They have large curved beaks to help them crack open nuts.


Hyacinth macaws are one of our favorites. They are endangered mainly due to the pet trade. If you decide a pet parrot is right for your home, make sure you get one from a reputable breeder. Remember that parrots are very social and live a very long time, so they are very high maintenance and require a lot of care.

hyacinth macaw3    hyacinth macaw2

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