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Bird in the Burrow

Bird in the Burrow

We had a great adventure looking for an unusual bird today. This owl doesn’t live in trees it lives in burrows underground. Neat!


Burrowing Owl Fun Facts: 

  • Burrowing owls live in burrows they dig themselves or ones that other animals have made, like prairie dogs.
  • Burrowing owls are carnivores. They eat small mammals, insects, lizards and birds.
  • They hunt day or night.
  • Burrowing owls line their burrow entrances with animal poop. This marks their territory and it attracts insects that the owls eat.
  • They stow food to have during the incubation period of their eggs.
  • Burrowing owls spend most of their time near the ground.


Burrowing owls are so gorgeous. They are more tolerant of Co2 because they live underground where the gas can be more concentrated. This bird’s adaptations are so cool.

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The Ghost Bear Hugger – A Halloween Poem

We have a little Halloween poem for you to share tonight on this All Hallows Eve!


The Ghost Bear Hugger

Creeping & crawling in the dead of night,

the ghost bear hugger keeps you in his sight.

He looks for campers to hug with all his might.

He’s ghost bear hugger of the Salamander woods.


He dips & he dives behind the trees,

the ghost bear hugger doesn’t want to be seen.

He sneaks up behind you, but he’s not mean.

He’s the ghost bear hugger of the Salamander woods.


He tip toes around ever so quiet,

the ghost bear hugger won’t start a riot.

There’s no need be scared humans aren’t part of his diet.

He’s the ghost bear hugger of the Salamander woods.


He glides through the night without a sound,

the ghost bear hugger floats off the ground.

He just likes to hug the people he’s found.

He’s the ghost bear hugger of the Salamander woods.


He isn’t up for scaring you away,

the ghost bear hugger really wants you stay .

He liked you sing and dance and play.

He’s the ghost bear hugger of the Salamander woods.


He’s actually quite mellow;

the ghost bear hugger is just a lonely fellow 

When there is no one to hug, he lets out a great loud bellow.

He’s the ghost bear hugger of the Salamander woods.


So if you feel a squeeze in the middle of night;

no need to be full of a terrible fright.

You’ve just been hugged with all of his might

by the ghost bear hugger of the Salamander woods.

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We have an excellent connect the dots coloring sheet for you! We have 3 animals who are often talked of during Halloween! As always we love to see your creations! Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter!

e e pumpkin

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!


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We’re celebrating Halloween with a fun set of pictures of animals with pumpkins! Often zoos and aquariums give animals in the fall pumpkins for enrichment! What’s enrichment you ask?

Enrichment is either food, habitat, or training. Enrichment provides animals with stimulation that they may not get in captivity. Here’s a great explanation of enrichment from the National Zoo in Washington DC.

Let’s check out these fun pictures  and videos and Happy Halloween!


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Vampire Bat Sock Puppet

What’s scarier than a bat that drinks blood to survive? Making your own out of a sock, some felt, googly eyes and glue! Vampire bats are real and they’re pretty creepy little flying mammals! But this harmless version is loads of fun to make and play with!


Materials you'll need for your bat!

One brown sock (black will do)

Brown stiff felt

White felt

Red felt

Googly eyes

Hot glue (to be used only by an adult) or thick tacky glue

Patterns for wings, fangs, ears and mouth (provided)


1)      Cut out the patterns for the wing, ear, fangs and mouth

2)      Trace wing and ear patterns on brown felt and cut out. Remember you need two wings and two ears.

3)      Trace fangs on white felt and cut out.

4)      Trace mouth on red felt and cut out.

5)      Determine what part of the sock you want to be on top. Tuck the end of the sock in and glue the red mouth on the bottom. If using a glue gun, have an adult use it. If using tacky glue, you will have to hold the felt pieces for few minutes until they’re secure.

Put your hand in and see where you want the mouth to go.

6)      Then glue the fangs on the top edge of the sock.

glue the fangs on

7)      Next glue the eyes on top of the sock.

glue on the eyes

8)      Then glue the ears about an inch and half behind the eyes.

glue on the ears

9)      Glue the wings on the sides of the sock about inch and a half behind the ears.

glue on the wings

Once the glue has cooled, your bat is complete!

Here we are with our finished bat!

Now you can put your hand in and make him fly and bite people! (Ok, don’t really have him bite people!) We couldn’t find a sock to fit Edmond’s hooves, so Ellie is playing with our vampire bat sock puppet using her trunk! We would love to see pictures of your completed bats! Post them on our Facebook page!

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