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Warning! Frog!

Warning! Frog!

We went looking for one neat little frog on our last day here in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has sooooo many amphibians! We found one of the famous poison dart frogs- the Strawberry flavored one- hahaha!


Strawberry Poison Dart Frog: 

  • These little frogs have warning coloration. Their colors vary on where they live.
  • They eat ants and termites give them their toxicity.
  • Strawberry dart frogs only grow up to around 3/4 of inch to an inch.
  • They are diurnal and tetestrial.
  • They are very territorial.
  • Strawberry poison dart frogs are listed as Least Concern by the IUCN.


We loved spotting these little frogs. They are definitely a look but don’t touch species.

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Hello Caiman

Hello Caiman!

We are back from our holiday break! We flew back in to camp and settled in. The next morning we rose early to meet today’s animal! We hope you think it is a cool as we do!



Spectacled Caiman Fun Facts: 

  • Spectacled caimans are members of the crocodile family.
  • Females are smaller than males. Males can get up to 6ft long and females generally up to 4 ft long.
  • They get their name from the ridge on their head that makes them look like they are wearing glasses or spectacles.
  • They are carnivores.
  • Their scales have ostoderms; bony deposits in their skin that give them an armor.
  • Like other crocodilians, they are built to live in water.
  • They are listed as Least Concern by the IUCN.


We think these caiman are super cool! They are not nearly as big as the American Alligator or the Nile Crocodile. Never less, we like to watch them from afar.

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Those are some peepers!

Those are some peepers!

After meeting the macaws yesterday, we ran into a small resident of the rainforest. These little amphibians are brightly colored with big red eyes. They also make you jump! Hehehe!


Red Eyed Tree Frog Fun Facts: 

  • The nocturnal species hide on the under side of leaves during the day.
  • If they are found- they flash those big red eyes and startle any predators!
  • They frog’s other bright colors- including orange feet and blue streaks protect them by confusing a predator’s eye with too much color.
  • These carnivores eat insects they find in the trees.
  • These arboreal amphibians are amazing jumpers! (Say that fast five times 🙂
  • They are not poisonous.
  • Red eyed tree frogs are listed as least concern.


We love these little frogs. They are so beautiful with their bright green eyes. That splash of blue on their legs make them the fashionistas of the rainforest. Hahaha!

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Where will the next E&E adventure be?

Where will the next E&E adventure be?

We are heading off for our next adventure and it’s time to guess where it will be? Tell us here or on our social media and the first correct guess will win an E&E prize.

We are heading to a tropical place!

It has rainforests, volcanoes and beaches at the base!

The coasts meet the Carribbean and the Pacific.

They say it is quiet terrific.

Hummingbirds are all around.

Insects, spiders and butterflies abound.

A quarter of the country is protected.

All those things are connected.

Can you guess where we are? Come on and try! Let’s get this next adventure started!

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Pelican! Pelican!

Pelican! Pelican!

We are meeting one last animal at Camp E&E! The summer has flown by hasn’t it? We can hardly believe it! We could spend hours and hours watching the brown pelican take diving in the ocean scooping up eats! Let’s mee them today!



Brown Pelcian Fun Facts: 

  • The Brown Pelican is the smallest of all pelican species.
  • They are plunge divers. They fly above the surface of the water and then drop or plunge into the sea to catch their prey.
  • Brown pelicans have a greenish skin on their face that is brighter during mating season.
  • Brown pelicans like to nest in trees, shrubs and mangroves.
  • Both parents incubate eggs. They usually have 2-3 chicks. One chick can eat up to 150 lbs of food by the time they are 10 months old! That’s a bunch of fish for little guys
  • Their pouch can hold up to 3 gallons and the stomach can hold around 1 gallon.
  • Brown pelicans are the state bird of Louisiana.


We love pelicans! Love them! They are one of the coolest birds around! Do you love them as much as us? Stick around for the last craft day of camp tomorrow!

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Whew! We are exhausted from celebrating Groundhog Day yesterday! But we have enough energy to head to South Africa to meet the cute little insect eating bird that we found for today’s Feathery Friday bird! Are you ready to go? Let’s do this!


Range/Habitat: Southern Africa/ grasslands

Diet: Insectivore: bees, insects

Length/Weight: 9”/ 1 ¼ oz

Conservation Status: Common


Fun Facts:

  • White Fronted Bee Eaters nest in cliffs or banks.
  • They live in groups known as clans that can have up to 16 birds.
  • Clans of White fronted bee eaters live among a colony of birds that can have up to 500 birds.
  • Each clan of White fronted bee eaters has several breeding pairs of adult birds and related “helper” birds.
  • Helper birds help with the rearing of the chicks.
  • Each clan of White fronted bee eaters is very territorial.

We love these beautiful little birds. How cool is that they live in families and help each other out! That’s why family’s are so great!





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A Trip to “SPACE” at the Center for Puppetry Arts!


            This past Saturday we went to see “SPACE” an original show by Jon Ludwig at the Center for Puppetry Arts! It was an amazing ride and great fun! The premise: Rockin’ aliens come to earth and whisk the audience away in their spaceship to teach us all about outer space! And let us tell you these aliens can rock!

You meet the three rocking aliens and their pilot and mechanic of the spaceship; Eema and Ot! They are fun pair! The aliens and Eema and Ot take you on an adventure through our solar system with some great songs that help you learn! Sir Issac Newton, the scientist who discovered gravity makes an appearance in the show! He even uses an elephant as an example to explain gravity! See we elephants are everywhere!

We loved the man in the moon number that explained the phases of the moon! An Ellie and Edmond moon tidbit: Did you know that many animals rely on the phases of the moon? Horseshoe crabs come ashore to mate during the new and full moon in spring. Baby sea turtles use the moon to guide them to the ocean after they hatch on land!

We learned all about the sun, Mercury, Venus and then headed through the asteroid belt! That’s right folks; we went through an asteroid belt, where we saw some amazing singing asteroids! After that, the aliens stopped at Jupiter and Saturn! Keep an eye out for a special number from Saturn!

The aliens then head out in to our galaxy, the Milky Way (yum)! Then after learning all about galaxies and stars, the aliens took us back to earth, where they sang a song about how awesome our planet is and how we need to take care of it! We loved this song the best and Edmond was dancing the whole time! We definitely agreed that we need to take care of our planet! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at “SPACE” and we can guarantee that you will too!

Ellie gives it 4 out 4 trunks for the great science.

Edmond gives it 4 out of 4 horseshoes for the great music!

We recommend that your gallop and don’t walk to The Center for Puppetry Arts to catch all the outer space fun!

We have our own space helmets and we're ready!

The show runs Jan 26th-March 11, 2012 every Tuesday-Sunday. Here’s the website for more details:

Here are some photos from our trip!

Aliens lurk in the lobby of The Center for Puppetry Arts!Opening weekend!You can make your own alien puppet! FUN!Here we are with an alien!Here we are with the program!

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